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  • Carpet Cleaning Kildare, Meath And Dublin

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    As a specialist carpet cleaning company in Dublin, we also service the Kildare and Meath areas. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured, so you can feel safe calling on us for your professional carpet cleaning needs. We have been serving the Dublin, Kildare and Meath communities with cleaning carpets, rugs, mats and upholstery for more than 7 years and have become skilled at providing an excellent carpet cleaning service at a great rate.

    Go Green carpet cleaning services uses only 100 percent biodegradable cleaning materials, so while we clean your carpets we also ensure that we do no harm to the environment. We only use the latest technology in carpet cleaning and use high quality machines and cleaning materials. Our expert service will ensure that all the dirt, spills and tough stains are removed from your carpets and upholstery without damaging any of the fabrics.

    A dirty carpet is a health hazard in more ways than one; the same can also be said for your upholstery. Accumulated dirt also causes wear and tear on your carpets and upholstery, causing them to fade and break down a lot quicker, causing you to spend money in replacing the worn items a lot sooner than you would normally.  Carpets and upholstery harbour dirt, flaked off skin cells, food particles, sweat, pollens and even faeces which cause build ups of bacteria and dust mites and also harbour allergen causing elements. Cleaning your carpets and upholstery results in cleaner air with reduced allergens, pollens and mould spores. Regularly cleaning your upholstery, carpets, rugs and mats will ensure a longer life for the items and keep them looking newer and smelling fresher for longer. Cleaning your carpets once or twice a year is optimal to ensure they stay clean and hazard free. If you have allergy sufferers in your home, perhaps look at cleaning your carpets and upholstery more often to remove dust mites, pollens and other germs hiding in the fibres.

  • Be Healthy With Our Carpet Cleaning Dublin, Kildare and Meath Service

    At Go Green carpet cleaning services we also specialise in expert cleaning of narrow and hard to reach carpets such as narrow passageways and stairs. Our years of carpet cleaning in the Dublin, Kildare and Meath areas has seen us build up a great reputation, with many clients scheduling regular carpet and upholstery cleans every year.

    Whether it is to clean up some messy spills, dry up carpets and make them smell good after a flood of water in your home or just the annual clean to renew and refresh your carpeting and upholstery, contact us for a detailed quote to meet your budget.

    Once you have tried our carpet cleaning service at Go Green you will not need to look at using any other carpet cleaning company in the future. Our excellent service, great smelling, environmentally beneficial cleaning products and brilliant workmanship will see you calling us first when you need your carpets cleaned. Dublin, Kildare and Meath are the main areas we service and can offer competitive and comprehensive cleaning solutions at a price that won't break the bank.